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Blazon: Barry wavy of twelve, Argent and Azure, a lozenge of the second fimbriated Or, charged with three maple leaves Vert, edged and veined Argent, conjoined to a single stem of the last, the stem enfiled with a coronet Or.
Significance: The badge is that of HMCS LA HULLOISE. The background represents the sea. The lozenge is the standard heraldic symbol for a woman, since "La Hulloise" means "the woman from Hull". The crown refers to Kingston (King's town) Upon Hull, the full name of the English city after which Hull, Quebec is named. The name was chosen so as not to conflict with HMS Hull.
Notes: RCSCC La Hulloise, Hull, Quebec
Artist: LCdr Steve Cowan, Area Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer (Sea), Vancouver Island.

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Released: August 25, 2012 / Last modified: December 31, 2013