MULRONEY, Rt. Hon. Martin Brian  

MULRONEY, Rt. Hon. Martin Brian
Arms: Azure on a pale Argent between four coronets érablé Or two and two a dexter hand appaumé and a maple leaf conjoined Gules the hand pointing towards chief the leaf towards base on a canton the Mark of the Prime Ministership of Canada (Argent four maple leaves conjoined in cross at the stem Gules).
Crest: On a helmet mantled Azure doubled Or within a wreath of these colours issuant from a coronet érablé and flory Or a stone palace gate embattled comprising two Roman arches Azure and charged on the lintel with scales of justice Or.
Supporters: On a grassy mound set with pine cones Or forming a bay rising above barry wavy Argent and Azure two stallions crined and unguled Azure gorged with collars treflé on both edges Vert.
Source: Canadian Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, 12 December 1994 (Volume II, page 370).
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