Title: "A Call To Arms"
Editor: Ven Peter Hannen
Publisher: The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada

A Call to Arms / Aux Armes, Canadiens is a two-part DVD produced by the RHSC as an educational tool, suitable for all ages from primary school children to seniors. In a light-hearted way, cheerfully illustrated, it traces the origins of heraldry, zeroing in on a sense of identity (personal and national) as the most relevant factor for 21st century Canadians. The second section deals with the procedures for acquiring one's own coat-of arms, and the challenges and pitfalls involved. "A Call to Arms" lasts about 35 minutes, and can be obtained at a cost of $19.95, taxes and shipping included for domestic destinations. Click on the image on the left to request more information or order your own copy.

Price: $19.95

2 - 4 days

Released: October 18, 2006 / Updated: October 18, 2006