Governing Body



His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D., Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada
Sworn in on October 1, 2010, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston is the 28th governor general since Confederation. Mr. Johnston holds an LLB from Queen's University (1966), an LLB from the University of Cambridge (1965), and an AB from Harvard University (1963).

Vice Patron

Vice Patron:

The Rt. Hon. Beverly McLachlin, PC, Chief Justice of Canada
Madame McLachlin is the first woman to hold this position. She also serves as a Deputy of the Governor General of Canada. She accepted the role as Vice Patron in March of 2011. She was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada on 30 March 1989 and was made Chief Justice of Canada on 7 January 2000.

Honorary Chaplain

Honorary Chaplain:

, FRHSC, Bishop of Niagara (retired)
was the tenth Bishop of Niagara (retired), having been consecrated in Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton, Ontario on September 20th, 1997 (as Coadjutor Bishop), and installed as Diocesan Bishop on January 11, 1998. He is also an avid vexillologist and possesses an extremely large collection of flags, and Albion Herald Extraordinary.



, CD, AdeC, UE, FRHSC (Hon)
Peterborough, ON
David joined the Society in 2001 and has been instrumental in stabilizing and enhancing the administrative procedures within the Society. Captain Rumball had served with the 7 Toronto RCA and rose to command the 130 Headquarters Battery. David was nominated and elected 1st Vice President in October 2008 and elected as the Society's 24th President in 2013.

1st Vice President:

Ottawa, ON
Ted joined the society in 1974, and has been involved with the Society in a number of capacities over the years.. He first joined the Board of Directors in 1985 and acted as the Deputy to the long-serving national Secretary Dalton Gooderham. He then went on to succeed Mr. Gooderham as Secretary for the period 1986 to 1988. He was also President of the Ottawa Valley Branch (1993-1994) as well as National Second Vice President (2001-2002). In addition, he also served several terms as a Board Member over the years. Ted is a lawyer and currently works for the Government of Canada.

2nd Vice President:

Ottawa, ON
Vicken joined the Society in 1996 and has been active in both the Ottawa Valley Branch and the national board. He serves as President of the Ottawa Valley Branch and in 2013 was nominated to 2nd Vice President on the national board. He is a serving Canadian diplomat with an interest in honours and awards, as well as in Middle Eastern, military and diplomatic history.

Hon. Treasurer:

, CD, FRHSC (Hon)
Snowball, ON
Ian has been with the Society since 1983, and has been involved with the board for more than two years. His main contribution to the Society was the restructuring and simplifying the Society's finances. Ian has an interest in researching and collecting orders and medals.


Toronto, ON
Stephen has been a member of the society since 1984. He served as Society Librarian from 1989 to 1997. His interest in heraldry was sparked while travelling in Europe in his student days. Elected to the Board in 2006 he was appointed Secretary in 2009. He has worked in the financial industry for nearly 30 years. His interest besides heraldry are studying history, jazz, blues, rock and travel.

Past President:

, FRHSC (Hon)
Smiths Cove, NS
David joined the Society in 2003 and contributed to the Society with a complete re-design of the Society's website. He was also President of the Toronto Branch (2005-2007). He has an interest and has been involved with heraldry for more than a decade, having taken on the role as "herald" for the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, a historical fencing school in Toronto that he founded in 1998. His intent is to promote the practice of heraldry in the Academy. He was nominated and elected 23rd President on October 4, 2008.

Honourary Secretary Emeritus:

, FRHSC (Hon)
Toronto, ON
John has been with the Society since 1970, and has been involved with the board for many years. He was awarded Honorary Fellow of the Society in 2002. John served in the 31st Field Battery, which became part of the 23rd Field Regiment (SP) RCA, within the 4th CAD and went overseas in 1943, landed at Normandy in 1944. He is also a Life Member of the Monarchist League of Canada and a Trustee of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Directors at large (2013-2014)


Allan B. Bird, CD


Richard Bruce


The Ven Peter D. Hannen, FRHSC


Kevin Greaves, CD, MD, FRHSC


Carl A. Larsen


Christopher McCreery, Ph. D.


Stephen Murray


Robbie D. Sprules


Robert D. Watt, LVO, AIH, FRHSC
Branch Directors (2013-1014)



Campbell River, BC



Montréal, QC

Ottawa Valley:


Ottawa, ON


Sherwood Park, AB



Toronto, ON



New Westminster, BC
Volunteer Appointments (2012-1013)

Editor in Chief,
Heraldry in Canada

Assistant Editors:

Stanbridge East, QC
Eric Saumure (Associate)
D'Arcy Boulton
John W. Neill



Campbell River, BC

Chief Examiner

Hamilton, ON

Master of The Roll

Stanbridge East, QC

Archivist &

, CD
Manotick, ON


, CD, AdeC, UE, FRHSC (Hon)
Peterborough, ON



Picton, ON
Society's Committees, Chairs only (2013-2014)
Bylaws: Darrel E. Kennedy, AIH, FRHSC (C)
Editorial Board: Kevin Greaves, FRHSC (C)
Education: Kevin Greaves, FRHSC (C)
Heraldic Arts: Steve Cowan, C.D., U.E. (C)
Honours & Awards: Robert D. Watt, FRHSC (C)
Investment: Vicken Koundakjian (C)
Library & Archives: Stephen Murray (C)
Marketing: Robbie Sprules (C)
Membership: Stephen Murray (C),
Periodicals: Allan B. Bird, CD (C)
Special Publications: Ted McNabb, FRHSC (C)
Special Projects: Vicken Koundakjian (C)
Roll of Arms: Peter Hannen, FRHSC (C)
Gift Planning & Donations: Stephen A. Murray (C)
Nominations: David M. Cvet, FRHSC(Hon) (C)

College of Fellows
Fellows are distinguished active members of The Society who have made significant contribution to the aims and purposes of The Society and have demonstrated a superior knowledge of, and made significant contributions to, the fields of heraldic scholarship, art, armory, chivalry or analogous subjects as they relate to Canada.


North Vancouver, BC


South Bend, IN, USA

Vice Dean

Hamilton, ON

Art & Design Group
The Art & Design Group are those recognized members of the Society who possess creative and artistic talent and who have and continue to contribute to the Society, furthering it's mission.
  • Allan Ailo,
  • D'Arcy Boulton, FRHSC,
  • Ilona Jurkiewicz, FRHSC (Hon),
  • Gordon Macpherson, FRHSC,
  • Laurie Patten, FRHSC,

Society Technology Group (STG)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

, FRHSC (Hon)
Overall responsibility for the technological aspects of the Society - websites, online payment systems, forums, security, etc..

Education Website

, CD, MD, FRHSC - administration and management of the Society's heraldic proficiency courses & examinations website.

Forums Administrator and Moderator:

, LRHSC - public Society forums moderator and administrator

Guestbook Administrator:


Guestbook administration, fielding guestbook queries, dispatching directed queries.


, FRHSC (Hon)
English/French site - - Technical support, design, development, content management, testing, implementation.

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