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 RHSC Forums: How to use the Forum

A guide for the beginner and the non-speaker of Technobabble.

1. Registration

If not already registered, you will see a choice of Log On or Register. Click on Register.

This brings up the forum Terms of Usage. Click on Agree, then Submit.
This brings up the Registration page. Fill in your User name, E-mail Address and Real name. (You can ignore all the rest).
Click on Submit.

2. Password Notice

"Submit" brings up a notice saying a password will be e-mailed to you. Directly below the notice is a window asking for your user name and the password you haven"t got yet. Don"t attempt to use this window yet. Instead, open your e-mail in-basket, check the new message, and copy down the password (it will be some damn-fool word, but accept it for now).

Then, return to the registration page and the box you just left, fill in your user-name and the provided password, and submit again.
This finishes your registration and returns you to the Forum page where you started off.

3. Main Forum Page

This is where you will normally start once you have registered. There is a red bar at the top. Ignore all the options on this bar except Control Panel.

4. Entering the Forum

5. Within the Forum

You will find a shaded area with a red header. Above the header on the left is a "New Thread" button. Leave this alone for now, but you may need it later. On the right is an option called "Message Format" with an arrow and a GO button. Leave it alone, or at least ensure that the information-bar says "Threaded".

6. The Threads Box

This is the shaded area and contains a list of all the "threads" (main topics) posted to date, listed from latest to earliest, with the responses to each thread indented from it, as are the responses to the responses. This is the page you will use for navigating the forum.

7. Reading Threads

To read a thread or a response, click on the one you want to read. It will come up in a shaded box, with the relevant headings and authors below the box.

8. Posting a Message

(a) To introduce a new topic, click on New Topic at either the top right or bottom left of the page. You must give it a Subject heading, then type your message below. You can preview or spellcheck it (but the spellcheck doesn"t work) before clicking Submit.

(b) To respond to an earlier response, click on the title/author/date you want to respond to, then click on Reply (either above on the (L), below on the (R), or in the message box itself).

9. Returning

To return to a previous page, click on the "BACK" arrow on the very top left of the screen. Repeat as often as necessary. To return to the Forum page, go to the red bar at the very top of the page and click on Forums.

10. Bells and Whistles

A number of unexplained options appear in and below the Threads box. You may be advised to leave these alone. However, if you want them translated into English, here goes:-

11. Things to Stay Away From

The following are also shown in the space below the Threads Box, and are best left alone:

12. How do I email the administrator with a question?

There are a number of mechanisms for contacting the administrator with an email. The simplest method is to simply click on "Administrator", found in any post made by the administrator, or from the same on the forums home page (where all of the forums are listed). This will invoke a user profile window, and towards the bottom of this window, you will see "Send this user a private message".

The second mechanism is to click on the "PM" button located at the bottom of any post submitted by the "Administrator". This button looks like


Oh, by the way, when you"re done, don"t click on "Log-off" - which might seem the sensible thing to do. It will remove you from the on-line list and delete all your cookies (whatever they are). Not only will you lose your cookies (not pleasant) but you"ll have to go through a lot of nonsense to log on again. JUST TURN THE SILLY THING OFF!

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Released: February 8, 2005
Updated: May 29, 2008